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Ten Buteyko clinical trials including one for children concluded average results of significant improvement to quality of life, 90% reduced need for reliever medication and 44 to 50% reduced need for preventer steroid medication.

Buteyko Gisbourne Hospital trial for children (download)

"The ability to produce marked reductions in asthma-drug utilisation suggests that the pharmaco-economic implications of BBT merit further study. Clarification of the mechanism(s) underlying the effectiveness of BBT is a further goal, given that BBT appears to represent a safe, efficacious alternative for the management of asthma...All published studies on the Buteyko breathing technique, including one which we performed in Gisborne, have shown positive results. Reductions of reliever medications averaged 85 to 95 per cent and reductions in preventer medication 40 to 50 per cent."
Doctor Patrick McHugh, BMedSc, MB, ChB, DipGUMed, Dip MSM, Emergency Department, Gisborne Hospital, Australia

"In our association during the past 3-4 years on a purely anecdotal basis, I can say that the vast majority of all of my patients have received great benefit from their nasal symptoms following instruction at the AsthmaCare workshops. More recently we have almost completed a prospective study which indicates that there is a 75-80% improvement in nasal symptoms which persists at 3 month follow-up as long as the patients continue the exercises."

Professor John Fenton, ENT Consultant, Limerick Regional Hospital